Bookmarking and Saving Time with Swivl

Make Time for Video – Save Time with Swivl

With more time educators can engage with more students, coaches can mentor more teachers, and administrators can save more district resources. Swivl is the world leader in classroom observation technology and now we are extending that lead even further with Bookmarking and Comment playback.    




During a video observation, mark key moments in real time using the Primary Marker. It’s easy. Just press the Up/Down arrows (Left/Right for Gen2) on the Primary Marker during a video observation to automatically leave a bookmark in your project. After uploading to Swivl cloud, the bookmark will appear as a time-stamped comment. You can select the comment to edit and type in a narrative of that moment so when you share your video, your viewers will be able to see your commentary and offer their feedback. By marking key moments as they happen, you can spend less time searching for those moments when reviewing the video.  



Comment Playback

Coaches and peers leave time-stamped comments on teacher videos to focus the the conversation on specific rubrics or high impact moments. For longer videos this could mean dozens of comments. To save time, wouldn’t it be great to automatically skip to high impact sections of the video where a comment was posted? Now you can. Just enable Comment Playback while reviewing your cloud video to optimize playback based on comments, including Bookmarks!


Is this mode working for you? Want to change something about how it works? We want to hear – please email:    




Bookmarking and Comment based playback are released in public beta today for all Swivl Pro, Pro Plus, and trial users.

If you are a Standard user, activate your free Pro Plus trial.

Requires iOS app version 6.7 and firmware 3.0.1 or newer. Swivl C-series and Gen2 robot supported.    


Smart Playback

Omit the insignificant part of your videos. Only watch what matters. Watch videos in half the time with intelligent playback. For Pro users we enabled a machine learning algorithm that intelligently and securely analyzes the video in your project to optimize what you see and hear in your classroom.


– Pro and Pro Plus users can enable Smart Playback on any project created and uploaded to Swivl cloud after February 2, 2018.


– All Standard, Pro, and Pro Plus Swivl cloud users can enable Smart Playback on projects uploaded by a Pro user after February 2, 2018.


If you are interested in joining future beta testing, please email us at

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