Swivl Live with Zoom


Swivl Live and Zoom

With Swivl Live you can use Zoom for real-time remote video observations while still taking advantage of Swivl’s tracking ability and high quality audio capture from multiple markers.


Remote Video Observations

Swivl is the best solution for capturing video and audio in classroom observation. The teacher can even listen to the remote coach using a connected earbud to the Primary Marker for easy in-ear coaching. See other great ways to use Swivl Live >


Enterprise Video Conferencing

Swivl is best known for capturing great video and audio in the classroom. Now Swivl brings those same great technologies to enterprise with the best video conferencing software from Zoom. Start the video conference like you normally would with Zoom, connect to Swivl and now the subject is automatically followed around the room while using the Swivl Marker for high quality wireless audio. You can even use multiple markers to stream audio so everyone can be heard clearly.


Saving Zoom Videos to Swivl Cloud

Zoom supports live streaming and recording. Those videos can be easily imported into Swivl Cloud, which offers free storage and easy to use collaboration tools. Record Zoom Video locally | Record Zoom Video in Cloud


First, save or download your Zoom video to a computer. Then upload that video to your Swivl cloud account by going to your Library and selecting “Add New Project”. That’s it!





Setup Instructions

1. Connect your mobile device to the Swivl C-Series robot and open the Swivl app.

2. Go to Settings, Advanced, Audio Configuration.

3. Enable Distance Audio Mode in the Swivl app. This switches the firmware mode on your Swivl to support Zoom video.

4. Close the Swivl app and open the Zoom app to start or join a meeting. Keep Swivl connected to the mobile device.


During the Zoom session, Swivl will continue to follow the Primary Marker. In addition, audio will be transmitted from the Primary Marker to the person on the other end of the Zoom call.For the person(s) using Swivl, you can hear the person on the other end by either connecting your earbuds to the Primary Marker, or connecting a USB speaker to Swivl via the full size USB port.










Go to Swivl Live Setup for additional instructions.

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