Classroom Observation Audio

In-ear Live Audio Monitoring uses the Swivl C Series Markers to allow you to listen in to group conversations throughout your classroom in real-time from the teacher’s Primary Marker. This allows you to observe group dialogue naturally, without having to be next to the group, which influences the tone and focus of the conversation.

To use this feature, you need a Swivl C3 or C5 robot, with Secondary Markers fully paired to the base. To enable the Classroom Observation Audio function for your robot, first make sure that your Swivl robot’s firmware is up-to-date.


To Operate Classroom Observation Audio:

  • Turn on and set up the Swivl C3 or C5 robot.
  • Connect a standard headset (i.e. Apple earbuds, etc.) to the Primary Marker’s audio jack.
  • Once the headset is connected, the teacher can listen into the audio being recorded to each Secondary Marker.
  • Press the Left or Right buttons on the direction pad of the Primary Marker to rotate which Secondary Marker audio feed is being listened to.

To Operate Observation Audio with Classroom Audio:

  • If you have your robot set up in Classroom Audio configuration, with speakers attached to your Secondary Markers, when you plug in your headset, the robot will automatically use this microphone to broadcast your voice.
  • Plugging in a headset to the Primary Marker will also enable Classroom Observation Audio. To stop broadcasting your voice with Classroom Audio, and start listening with Classroom Observation Audio, press the left and right buttons on the Primary Marker’s direction pad.
  • Press the center button on the Primary Marker to shift back to Classroom Audio mode, to broadcast your voice.
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