Using Swivl with Live Streaming Video Apps

Breaking News!!! We are working on firmware for Swivl Robot which will enable all kinds of video conferencing apps to be compatible with Swivl. If you are interested in this functionality specifically, please email us at


The Swivl robot can be used with some third party live streaming video apps with limited functionality. To use the Swivl robot with live streaming apps, it is required that the Swivl App is installed and open first, and running in the background. The robot can be used in two different ways with live streaming apps:


Tracking only


If you wish to use the Swivl robot for tracking only and do not need the audio from the markers, it is possible to use it with almost any live streaming app. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Connect the Swivl robot to the iOS/Android device.
  • Turn the Swivl robot and Marker on by holding down the power buttons until the LEDs light up on the base and side of the Marker.
  • Open the Swivl app and make sure tracking is turned on.
  • Minimize the Swivl app by pressing the home button.
  • Open the third party app that you wish to use and the Swivl will track you while you use the app.

Tracking with Audio


It is possible to use the Tracking and wireless audio features of the Swivl robot, however not all live streaming apps support this feature. Whether this feature works will depend on the app you are trying to use, and the app must support single sided USB Audio devices, in order for the audio to work. However, the process to get the Swivl audio working with the third party app is the same as above.


Tested Apps


Here’s a short list of live streaming apps that we have tested and confirmed to be working, we will update the list when we test new apps. The apps that are labeled “Inconclusive” may support audio functions in the future. ( For example, Skype is currently working on supporting USB microphones).

Android Phones Android Tablets iPhones iPads
Facebook Live Supported Inconclusive Supported Inconclusive
Zoom Supported Inconclusive Supported Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive
Google Hangouts Partially supported Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive
Adobe Connect Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive
Skype Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive
Youtube Live Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive Inconclusive

Swivl comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you make a purchase and find it does not work with the third-party app you wish to use, you may return it within 30 days.

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