Member Tags

Member tags allow you to create categories for your Team members, to more easily locate, sort, and perform bulk actions as you manage your members. Member tags are completely customizable according to the needs of the Admin, and could represent grade levels, departments, school sites, etc.

Member tags differ from Video Tags (located in the Videos section of the Admin Portal) in that Member Tags are only available to the Admin to see, and are associated with members or users within the Team, rather than with videos in a member’s account.


Create Member Tags


Member Tags are completely customizable and must be configured by the Admin.

  • Log into your account and enter the Admin View.
  • On the Account tab, scroll down to the Tags heading.
  • Click Add new tag, and type the name of the new tag into the text field that appears below.
  • Click Add to create this tag.
  • Once a member tag has been created, it can be edited or removed using the icons in the Action column.

Assign Member Tags

  • In the Account tab of the Admin Portal, scroll down to the Team Members section.
  • Click the checkbox next to one or more members to select them to be tagged.
  • Click the Tags button above the list of members to see a drop-down list of the tags you have created.
  • Click one or more tags to assign to the selected members, then click Apply.
  • The page will reload and the selected members will now be associated with the chosen tags (which appear in the Tags column of the Members list).

Filter by Tags


When searching through your list of Team members, you can filter by member tags to more easily locate a whole group of similar members.

  • In the Account tab of the Admin Portal, scroll down to the Team Members section.
  • In the Search button above the list of members, click the filter icon to see a list of available member tags.
  • Choose the member tags you want to use to filter the list, and click Apply.
  • Click the Search button. Your member list will now only display members associated with those tags.
  • To un-filter the list, click Clear Search under the Search button.
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