Managing Members’ Service Levels

When you first add a member to your Team, you will need to assign an initial service level: Standard, Pro, or Pro+. Once the member has been added, however, this level can be switched from within the Admin Portal.

  • Log into your account and enter the Admin View.
  • Scroll down to the Team Members section.
  • Click the checkboxes next to the Team members whose service levels you want to change.
  • Above the list of members, click the License button. You will see a dropdown menu of options: Standard, Pro, and Pro+. Choose the service level that you would like to assign to your members.

The Pro and Pro+ service levels are paid member seats. You can only add members to these service levels up to the number you have purchased. Your Team will also be populated with Standard (free) members, based on a ratio with how many paid accounts you have purchased. You can temporarily exceed this limit of Standard users in order switch members around if you have reached your maximum number of paid members.

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