Adding Team Members

Each Swivl Team is populated with some number of member seats that can be filled by the Admin. The member seats are attached to the three Swivl service levels: Standard, Pro, and Pro+ and the number is designated by how many paid (Pro or Pro+) accounts were purchased. The number of Standard seats you can fill is based on a ratio to paid seats.

The Admin has the ability to go in and fill those member seats with specific users. This can be done in two ways: invite an existing Swivl user, or create a new Swivl account for your member. In either case, you will need to select a service level to provide to that member (this can then be changed when they have joined the Team).


Invite an Existing Swivl User


If someone you want to include in your Swivl Team already has a Swivl account, they can be invited to join the Team using this account.

  • Log into your account and enter the Admin View.
  • At the top of the Account tab, type or paste their email address into the Invite Existing Users text box (you can add more than one email, separated by comma, semicolon or spaces.
  • Below the invite box, click Invite to License. A drop-down menu will appear where you will need to select the service level you would like to assign to this new member.
  • Once you invite the new member, they will receive an email requesting that they join the Team. They will need to use the invitation link in the email and log into their account to accept the invitation.

Create a New User Account


If you are adding a member who has not yet created a Swivl account, as the Team Admin, you can create the account for them and add them directly into the Team.

  • Log into your account and enter the Admin View.
  • Scroll down to the Team Members section and click Create New User.
  • A form will drop down where you will need to enter the member’s information.
  • Below their information, select a Service level to assign to the new member (this can be changed later).
  • You will need to set a password for the member. You can use the automatically generated password or create your own. You will need to communicate the password to the new member separately, so make sure to take note of what password you used.
  • Click Add to create this account and add it as a member to the Team. The new member will be notified via email that their account was created, and to contact the Admin for their password.
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