Pause/Resume Recording

By default, the Swivl app will create a new video file in your Library each time you start and stop recording. In the Swivl app settings, however, you can adjust this so that when you are recording, you can simply pause the video capture, then resume again without creating a whole new file.

Using the pause/resume feature, you can cut out interruptions in a lesson from your video without having to do any post-production editing.


Enable Pause/Resume Recording

  • Open the Swivl app and tap on Settings in the left navigation bar.
  • At the bottom of the Swivl Settings, tap Advanced. A new list of settings will open below.
  • Tap on Rec Button Action, this will open the available options for the Record Button.
  • Select Start / Pause / Resume Recording. Now you have the ability to pause your video capture.
  red-button-action   app-settings  

Use Pause/Resume While Capturing


Pause/Resume can be used whether you are using a Swivl robot to capture or not. The record button refers to either the button on the screen of your mobile device or to the red button on the side of your Swivl Marker, depending on which you prefer to use or have available.

  • Open the Swivl app and begin video capture.
  • Tap the record button to pause your video capture.
  • The next time you tap the record button, video capture will resume.
  • To finish video capture and upload your video to your Swivl account, pause capture and then tap Stop Recording.
  • Your video will now appear in your Swivl app’s Library.
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