Viewing a Multi-Camera Video

Swivl’s Multi-Camera video player allows you to review 5 videos in one interface and allows you to select exactly which ones you want to review more closely and which audio tracks you listen to.

  • Log into your Swivl account at
  • In the Library, locate the Multi-Camera video project you want to view and click the thumbnail for the video.
  • The Multi-Camera video player provides you with tools to optimize your viewing experience. You can learn more about these tools below.

Multi-Camera Video Player

  • Main Video: the largest video in the interface will play at full frame rate.
  • Secondary Videos: Secondary videos at the bottom of the player play at a lower frame rate in order to make it possible to play all at once. Click on a secondary video to move it up to the Main Video spot.
  • Audio Tracks: The slider icon in at the bottom of the player allows you to select which audio tracks you want to play and which you want to mute. When you select a secondary video to view, its audio track will be unmuted.
  • Slides: If slides were included in the Multi-Camera recording, you can skip to the next slide using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the video player.
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