Uploading a Multi-Camera Video

Once you have recorded a Multi-Camera video project, the video from each recording device will need to be uploaded in order to view them together in the Swivl Pro+ interface.


Uploading from Swivl app


There are two ways to upload a video from the Swivl app: manually or automatically.

Manually uploading a video requires that you go into the Swivl app Library and initiate the upload:

How to manually upload a video

Automatic uploading can be enabled from the Swivl app settings menu:

Swivl app settings


Uploading from Swivl+ app


Once a Multi-Camera recording has been concluded, all videos recorded in the Swivl+ app will be uploaded automatically over Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi connection is interrupted during the upload process, the upload can be resumed from the Swivl+ app Library by tapping on the cloud icon to the right of the video.

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