Best Practices Libraries

One of the most often overlooked sources of wisdom and strategies for teaching is right within your own school or district. Your colleagues are familiar with the context of the district and various school sites, and know the student and parent communities well. They have the best understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your students and your schools. This source often goes untapped, however, as it can be very difficult to make time to visit other classrooms and school sites.

By using video to share model lessons and best practices, one great lesson can make its way throughout an entire district. Having time-stamped commenting allows teachers to discuss how to adapt a lesson to fit their own class context and students, even when they can’t meet in person.


Recording Model Lessons with the Swivl App and Robot


Teachers within a school or district can start to capture model lessons or best practices with just about any set of Swivl tools, but the effect is best achieved when everyone’s accounts are linked within a Swivl Team. A Swivl Team provides the tools for more streamlined collaboration within and between school sites.

Recording Your Lesson

The first step toward filming your video for observation will be to download the Swivl App and sign up for a free Swivl account. To take full advantage of the capture system, you’ll need access to a Swivl robot, too (but you can also record video on the Swivl app without one).

One of the benefits of the Swivl app is that it allows you to set up your mobile device with a Swivl robot. Once you’ve verified your setup status, you can begin capturing your lesson on video. The Swivl robot’s markers not only guide the robot to follow you as you move about the classroom, but they also capture high quality audio, allowing you to hear your and your students’ interactions clearly.

Once you are done recording your lesson, you will need to upload the video to your Swivl account (this can be done manually or automatically).

Building Your Library with Team Groups By setting up a Swivl Team for your staff, you can take advantage of collaborative Team Groups in order to give everyone access to your school or district’s growing library of resources. Team Groups are special in that every member of the group can contribute, as well as receive, content. On the one hand, it makes sharing more convenient for your contributing staff, and on the other it provides an easy-to-access hub for all of your best practices.

All videos shared within a Team Group require authentication before a viewer can gain access, so even within a large organization, everyone’s videos are highly secure within the Swivl system.

Each teacher gets to choose exactly which videos to share (and if they want to share at all), so they can feel comfortable knowing that they are in complete control of their content.


Tagging Videos for Easy Searchability


As your database of best practices begins to grow, staff will have access to an increasing amount of content and will require tools to help sift through everything. Swivl Team provides you with the ability to create a set of tags for your Team members to use to tag and filter through their Library and My Feed, to find exactly the video they’re looking for. Tags are completely customizable, so it is entirely up to the Team Admin to decide what system will work best for their staff.

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