Embed a Video

Choosing to share a video by embedding it allows you to post your video directly onto another website or on a Learning Management System class page, while still hosting it through Swivl. If you have included slides in the video, they will still be viewable within the Swivl media-rich video player.

To embed a video, follow the steps below:

  • In the Library, find the video you want to embed and click Share.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of sharing options, and select Embed this project.
  • The following page provides you with a few settings that you can adjust for your video:
  • Video size: select the size of the video player as it will appear on your website.
    Background color: choose between a dark or light background color for the player.
    Password protection: generate a password that viewers will need to enter before accessing the video.
    Embed access: disable access to the video from any page onto which it was embedded.

  • To embed, copy the HTML code that is generated below the video. Paste the code into the HTML editor in your website or Learning Management System.
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