While most Swivl video is recorded in the classroom, many Swivl tools also lend themselves to use in capturing PD presentations or conference lectures. Some of these tools can also be used for capturing flipped lessons for students.


Recording a Presentation with Slides


Just about everyone who has tried to record a video of a presentation while using PowerPoint slides knows the experience of re-watching the recording, only to discover that the projected slides are either washed out or cut out of the frame. Swivl allows you to synchronize your slides to your video, so that your viewers can see them in full resolution, at the same point in the video that you had them displayed.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Swivl app on your mobile device, along with a Swivl robot. Before you can record your presentation, you’ll need to get the slides onto the app, by uploading the file to your Swivl account. After uploading the slides, when you log in with the same account to the Swivl app, the presentation will sync to the device, and the slides will be available to use during capture.

While you can capture a video with slides with the app alone, you can achieve a much more seamless presentation experience by using a Swivl robot. When you have connected the Swivl robot with your mobile device, and have the slides ready to record alongside your video, the Swivl Marker’s arrow keys can be used to advance through your slide presentation. Each time you advance your slides while recording, the timestamp is saved by the app. When you ultimately upload your video, not only does it contain your slides in high-resolution, but they are also timed correctly to the moment you were presenting them in the recording.


Embed Your Presentation with HTML


While you can always share your video presentation directly from your Swivl account, which allows you to track analytics on your viewers, you also have the ability to embed your video into a different website using HTML. The “Embed this project” option produces an HTML iframe for you to copy and paste into your website’s HTML reader.

By embedding your video, you get to continue to host your content on Swivl, and use our media-rich video player (with your synchronized slides), while not requiring that your viewers navigate away from your own website to see your video.

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