Flipped Class

Flipping your class requires thought and planning, but Swivl’s video tools can take the technical challenges of recording and distributing lessons out of the mix, so you can focus on the important things.


Recording Flipped Lessons with the Swivl App and Robot


Gone are the days of the talking-head online lessons! By using the Swivl app on a mobile device connected to a Swivl robot, you can teach your lesson as dynamically as you would in class, and easily upload and share it for your students to view online. The Swivl robot pans and tilts to follow you, picking up high quality audio through the built-in microphone in the marker. This capture system makes it easy to record a high-quality flipped lesson, without the need for a clunky setup or second person to serve as the cameraman.

Recording Your Flipped Video Lesson

The first step toward filming your flipped lessons will be to download the Swivl App and sign up for a free Swivl account. To take full advantage of the capture system, you’ll need access to a Swivl robot, too (but you can also record video on the Swivl app without one).

One of the benefits of the Swivl app is that it allows you to set up your mobile device with a Swivl robot. Once you’ve verified your setup status, you can begin capturing your lesson on video. You can even record an in-class lesson and use it later on as a flipped lesson!

Once recorded, you have the option to either upload your video manually to your Swivl account, or use the auto-upload feature for a more seamless experience. If you need to do some editing to your video, you can trim it in the app, or download it to your computer for more advanced editing.


Sharing Your Lessons and Tracking Views


Whether you’re already working with a Learning Management System, or you’re trying to figure out how best to share your videos and track class analytics, Swivl has options that will make your life easier.

Swivl Groups and Analytics

Once you’ve captured your flipped lessons and uploaded them to your Swivl account, setting up your flipped class starts with creating a Swivl Group for your students. In order for them to access your videos, they will all need to create Swivl accounts using an email address, so your students will need an email address and will need to be 14 years or older.

Once you have started sharing videos with this Group, you can track analytics on your students’ viewing, by Group or by video. This allows you to easily track where your students are in your lesson, and verify that everyone is up-to-speed.

Embed Your Videos

If you’re working with a Learning Management System to distribute and manage your flipped or online class content, you can also embed your videos directly to your class page. The “Embed this project” sharing option produces a snippet of HTML that you can copy and paste into the HTML editor of your LMS’s interface.

In addition to making it easy for your students to find the videos they need to watch for a given lesson, it also doesn’t require that they each sign up individually for a free Swivl account (although the downside of this is that you won’t capture class analytics).


Enhancing Your Flipped Lessons with Integrated Slides


If you’re a big fan of using PowerPoint, Keynote, and other kinds of visual media to support or supplement your lessons in class, you can easily translate this over to your online lessons as well. The Swivl app gives you the ability to record a video lesson using slides in real time, and syncs the timing of the slides based on when you advanced them while recording. If you already have a video and want to add slides, you can do this from within your Swivl account once the video has been uploaded.

Once you have included slides in your video project, your students can see all of your in-class media in high resolution. They can also navigate to certain sections of the video by clicking on the slide thumbnails below the video player. The slides even appear if you embed your video into an LMS.

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