Student Feedback

Feedback is better in context: this is true of professional development and instructional coaching, and it’s also true of the feedback you deliver to students. Leaving feedback on video of students’ work gives them a more complete context for your assessment. It also gives them the opportunity to reflect on their work and progress.


Using Swivl’s Free Tools for Student Feedback


With Swivl’s free video tools, not only are you easily able to capture in-class video, you can also capture student work and presentations and upload them to your own private, FERPA/COPPA compliant workspace. You can do all this using resources you likely already have at home or work: a mobile device, an internet connection, and your computer.

Recording Student Work with the Swivl App

The Swivl App allows you to capture video using your mobile device’s camera, and upload it directly to Swivl’s interactive cloud platform.

The first step toward recording your class on video will be to download the Swivl App and sign up for a free Swivl account.

Whether your classroom is 1:1, BYOD, or somewhere in between, you can have all of your students upload their work to your Swivl account by having them log into the Swivl app with your account. Once they’re logged in, how they record the video is up to them! They can stand the device up on its side and practice a presentation or read aloud, they can record with the back camera and show an activity they have completed, they could even hold the device “selfie-style” (must be horizontal) and interview each other!

Uploading and Providing Feedback Online

Once they’re done capturing, the upload process is seamless. Either manually or automatically, they can upload straight to your account (no trading flash drives!), where you can review and leave feedback in the form of time-stamped comments.

Once you have left your feedback on the students’ videos, you can share the videos and comments back to them using the Private Link sharing option. Students can click on the comments to view the specific moment in the video you are referencing with your feedback.


Get Better Student Video with the Expand Lens


As students become more comfortable recording themselves on video, you may start to explore different kinds of student work that you want to capture, including group work, capturing their writing or work with manipulatives. This calls for a different camera setup, facilitating hands-free video capture and putting groups of students together on one video.

The Expand Lens allows you to widen the angle of your iPad’s front camera, providing an easy way to fit more than one student in a video. The lens also allows the iPad to record what is being worked on or written on the desk in front of the students. The lens also includes a stand that can be used to prop up the iPad on a table or desk for hands-free video capture.

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