Self Reflection

Self reflection is a practice that is critical to professional development in any career or craft, but can be a challenge when your attention is pulled in many different directions throughout the day. Reviewing video of your teaching or presentation allows you to reflect on your work with a different perspective and fresh set of eyes.


Using Swivl’s Free Tools for Self Reflection


Swivl’s video tools allow you to capture in-class video and reflect on your craft using the resources you likely already have at home or work: a mobile device, a wireless internet connection, and your computer.

Recording Video with the Swivl App

The Swivl App allows you to capture video using your mobile device’s camera, and upload it directly to Swivl’s interactive cloud platform.

The first step toward recording your class on video will be to download the Swivl App and sign up for a free Swivl account.

Once you have logged into the app, you are ready to start capturing video! You will need to make sure you can set up your device at an angle that will capture as much of the class as possible, but where the device will also be close enough to capture your audio (later, we’ll see how a Swivl robot connected to your mobile device can make this much easier).

After you have finished recording, you will need to upload the video to your Swivl account (this can be done manually or automatically).

Reviewing and Reflecting with Swivl

Now that your video has been uploaded to your account, you can access it on any device with a browser! You will find all of your uploaded videos in your Swivl Library.

As you review your video, you may want to set guidelines for yourself, which will give you an idea of what to look for and help to not get distracted with more tangential aspects of the recording. You can use any guidelines, but if you need a place to start, Harvard’s Best Foot Forward project has some great recommendations.

If you want to document your reflections, you can annotate your video directly from the Swivl platform using one-way time-stamped comments or notes.


Getting the Most out of Self Reflection with the Swivl Robot


Once you are comfortable with using Swivl’s free resources, more value can be added by enhancing your video capture with a Swivl robot. The Swivl robot will pan and tilt to follow you around the room, meaning you can teach the way you normally do, knowing that you’ll still get a full view of the class or lesson on video. The Swivl robot works with your mobile device running the Swivl app, and setup just takes a couple minutes!

The Swivl robot also captures high quality audio through the built-in microphone in the tracker we call the Marker. You can pair up to 5 Markers to the robot, and capture audio throughout the room: now, you’re not limited to reflecting on your own teaching, but on how your students reacted to the lesson.

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