Swivl Setup Status

There are a couple of ways you can check the setup status of the Swivl C Series, to make sure that it is fully connected to your mobile device:


In the Settings:

You can check the Setup Status in the Settings menu of the Swivl app. You will see one of three possible status options:

  • No Swivl connection: The Swivl is not fully connected to the mobile device. If the lightning cable is plugged in and the robot’s lights are on, try unplugging and replugging the white lightning cable, or refer back to the setup instructions.
  • No markers detected: The base is on and fully connected to the mobile device, but either no Markers are on, or none are paired. You’ll either need to turn on the Marker, or pair it to the base.
  • OK: The base is on, fully connected to the mobile device, and at least one Marker is on and paired. You’re ready to record!

On the Capture Screen:

The Capture Screen will display the setup status, in the form of the color of the Swivl icon below the record button. If the icon is white, your mobile device is fully connected to the Swivl.

If the icon is red, you are not connected to a Swivl, or there is something wrong with the connection. You may need to unplug and reconnect the robot to the device, or try closing and reopening the Swivl app.

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