Swivl Robot Settings

The new C Series Robot looks similar to the Gen2 Robot, but can do a whole lot more!
Which robot do you have? The article you see here applies only to the Swivl C Series Robot. Click here for the Swivl Gen 2 Robot article.


The in-app Swivl Settings control the functioning of the Swivl Robot, as well as the functionality of the app. Here is a list of all settings, along with the functions they control.

  • Auto tilt: When this is enabled (green), the Swivl Robot will track the Marker vertically, adjusting the angle up and down to keep the Marker centered in the video.
  • Audio route: This will display the source your audio will record from. If you are connected to a Swivl Marker, the audio will record from the Marker’s mic, otherwise it will record from the mobile device’s built-in mic.
  • Setup status: This setting will display OK when you are successfully connected to your Swivl.
  • Base battery health: This setting displays the percentage that remains of the Swivl’s battery charge. It will display 100% when the Swivl is fully charged.
  • Markers: This setting displays the Markers that are currently turned on and paired to the Swivl.


Tap on Advanced to open an expanded list of settings.

  • Region of Swivl Usage: This setting allows you to adjust which region you are in while using Swivl. We recommend using the Automatic option.
  • Auto microphone selection: When enabled, this setting allows the app to select the optimal microphone to use.
  • Tracking: When enabled (green) the robot will track the location of the Marker, and will Swivl to keep the Marker in the center of the video. When disabled (gray) the robot will not move.
  • Marker Center Button action: This setting allows you to choose an action for the Center Button of the Marker. To see a full description of the options and their functions, see the article on Marker Features.
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