App Settings

The Swivl app settings control the functioning of the Swivl Robot, as well as the functionality of the app. Here, we’ll take a look at the setting for the app itself.

  • Video Quality: This setting allows you to toggle between capturing video in Standard Definition or High Definition. By using High Definition, the video will record at your mobile device camera’s highest possible resolution, but will consume more storage space on your device.
  • Auto upload: When Auto upload is enabled, as soon as a video has been recorded (and the device is connected to WiFi) the video will begin uploading to Swivl.
  • Auto delete: When Auto delete is enabled, as soon as a video has been fully uploaded to Swivl, it will be deleted from the app. The Library in the Swivl app will still list the video, but it will not be playable from the app. When you log out and log back into the app, you will no longer see the deleted videos.
  • Auto-exposure: By enabling Auto-exposure, you allow the Swivl app to adapt the video capture to the lighting conditions of the capture environment. For example, if the lights are dimmed part way through the video, the app will increase exposure to make the video brighter.
  • Max recording time: This setting displays the amount of time available to record to the device (in hours:minutes:seconds). This is dependent on the amount of storage space available on the device, as the videos are recorded first to the mobile device’s memory, before uploaded to your account.
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