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Congratulations! You just made a great investment in educational tools you, your staff, or your institution have at hand for professional development, instructional coaching, blended instruction, and more!

How do I get access to my Swivl software purchase? The way you will access your new software and tools will depend on what you purchased and how. Below you will find a description of each package and the steps to access your purchase.

Swivl Pro

Upgraded from within Swivl account

If you upgraded to Swivl Pro using the “Upgrade” button from within your account (while you were logged into http://cloud.swivl.com), you have subscribed on a rolling basis, either monthly or annually. Your credit card will be billed each month or year, based on the date of your subscription.   Purchased on the Swivl Store or through a Swivl Representative If you purchased Swivl Pro online at http://swivl.com/store/, through one of our Sales Representatives, or through one of our partners, your software upgrades will take the form of license codes, which you will need to use to activate individual accounts (one code per account). You will receive your codes via email once your order has been processed and shipped, or if you did not order any hardware, you will receive this email as soon as the order is processed. You will receive an email with the subject line “Your Swivl.com Order Has Been Shipped”. Near the bottom of this email you will find your list of Swivl Pro codes. To use this code, you will first need to sign up for a free Swivl account at 
http://cloud.swivl.com/register/. For instructions on using the code to upgrade your account, visit https://support.swivl.com/pro-code/.   Purchased on the Swivl Store or through a Swivl Representative (10 or more licenses) If you purchased 10 or more Swivl Pro licenses, much of the above will still apply, but you will receive the codes in a spreadsheet in an email from our User Success Team rather than in an auto-generated email from the website. If you purchased through one of our partners, they will receive this spreadsheet and send it to you.   Purchased a C Series Robot If you purchased a C Series Robot (before 2017), each unit of hardware comes included with a year-long subscription to Swivl Pro. To use the serial to upgrade to Pro, you will first need to sign up for a free Swivl account at 
http://cloud.swivl.com/register/. For instructions on using the serial to upgrade your account, visit https://support.swivl.com/serial/.

Swivl Team


Once a Team Account has been purchased, a Team Administrator(s) that you designate will be sent an email from Swivl with instructions on how to setup their Admin account. After the Team Admin account(s) has been created, a member of our Customer Success Team will schedule a virtual orientation for your Admin(s) to customize and configure the Team and provide implementation and planning resources for your successful video observation program.

Renewing Your Swivl Purchase

Swivl is a subscription service and will need to be renewed periodically. How you will do this also depends on how you purchased initially.

Swivl Pro: Upgraded from within Swivl account When you upgrade your individual account from within http://cloud.swivl.com by credit card, your account will renew on a rolling basis (either monthly or annually, depending on the plan you selected). This will continue to renew until and if you decide to cancel or switch plans.

Swivl Pro Codes and Team All other Swivl purchases are annual subscriptions and will be renewed yearly. As the expiration date for your account approaches, you will be notified through our system via email. If you subscribed to Swivl Team, your Admins and Members will be notified as the expiration date approaches, and a member of our Account Management Team will reach out to facilitate the renewal. To renew your Swivl Pro accounts, please contact us at sales@swivl.com.

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