View a Project with Multiple Audio Channels

If a video uploaded to Swivl was captured with a C Series Robot with multiple markers, it will contain as many audio tracks as markers that were used during the recording process. These multiple audio tracks (or channels) can be listened to or muted individually from within the Swivl video player. To change which audio track you are listening to as you are watching a video, click on the Marker Selection button at the bottom of the video player. By default, all audio tracks will be played. Click the color of the audio track/s that you wish to mute (this color corresponds to the color of the marker that was used to capture this track of audio) to deselect it. Click it again to unmute the track/s.

Note: Android supports two audio channels. If you record with more than 2 Markers, they will be merged into the 2nd audio channel.

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