Audio Capture

The Swivl C-Series, in conjunction with the Swivl app, can simultaneously capture audio from up to 5 paired Markers. The Swivl app maintains all of these audio tracks separate. When uploaded to Swivl, the video can be played back with any of these audio tracks, giving the viewer the option to listen in to the audio from any source they choose.


Before a Marker can be used to capture audio, it must be paired to the Swivl base. When you first receive a Swivl C Series robot with 3 or 5 Markers, only the Primary Marker that comes in the back dock of the base will be paired. You will need to pair the additional 2 or 4 Markers.


The Marker can be used to capture audio at a distance of up to 10 meters away from the base. The speaker should not be more than 1.5 meters away from the Marker, in order to be heard. The audio is designed so that you can wear the Marker naturally on the neck or wrist lanyard, without having to hold the mic close to your mouth.


The audio tracks are distinguished from one another in Swivl using the colors that you assigned each Marker during the pairing process.


Adjust Microphone Gain


If you find that the audio being recorded through the Markers is too loud or soft in the video, you can adjust the microphone gain through the Swivl app.

In order to do this, open the Swivl app and connect your device to the Swivl robot. Turn all Markers on. Open the capture screen and tap on the microphone icon in the top right corner (shown below). Here you can adjust the gain for each individual Marker, labeled by color. Raising this for a Marker will allow it to pick up student voices more clearly in a group. Lowering it will reduce the amount of noise, and voices will come through more softly on the recording.


Note: If you find that you are capturing audio from the built-in microphone in your mobile device, rather than from the Marker, you will need to check the setup status of your Swivl, and try reconnecting it to your device.

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