Classroom audio setup

The purpose of Classroom Audio functionality is to amplify teacher’s voice so that everyone in the classroom or auditorium can hear the teacher clearly.  In Classroom Audio configuration, sound collected by the Primary marker will be amplified by any speakers connected into the system (either connected to Swivl USB port or Secondary marker’s analog port).


Required firmware

Swivl Base Firmware: 10.02 (update via mobile app and check on Settings screen of the app)

Recommended Speakers and Setup

With C3 or C5 Swivl, any analog connection speaker can be connected to Secondary marker audio jack using 3.5mm male to male cable (usually included with the speaker). Some speakers have a rechargeable battery which will allow you to place it anywhere in the classroom — in a small group, in the back of the classroom, near the student who needs it the most.

If you are planning to have a single central speaker near the Swivl, you can use a standard USB speaker with an A-type USB connector (usually part of the speaker).  Just connect the speaker plug to the bottom of the Swivl base (large USB connector next to the power port in the black Swivl foot).

The size and quality of the speaker is up to the requirements for each individual or classroom need.  There are many speakers and you already might have some in your classroom, school, or workplace.  We have tested a couple of speakers which worked pretty well.

Analog Portable Speaker for Secondary markers – Buy on Amazon

USB Wired Speaker for Swivl Base – Buy on Amazon


Volume Control

Speakers connected to Secondary markers: Student can control volume of the speaker connected to her Secondary marker by short-clicking Up/Down buttons (8 steps from min to max).  If the speaker has its own volume controls, those can also be used.

Speakers connected to Swivl Base: Teacher can control volume of the speaker connected to the base USB port by short-clicking Up/Down buttons on her Primary marker (8 steps from min to max).

Swivl will remember volume settings for both configurations through power-cycle.



In Classroom Audio mode, when no mobile device is connected to Swivl, Swivl’s Power LED will display Green with occasional blink.  In this mode tracking will also be disabled.


Charging the equipment

Make sure to connect Swivl base (with primary marker), all secondary markers, and battery based speakers to charge overnight.  You can find directions on charging Swivl equipment here.
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