Expand Lens + Swivl

Although the Expand Lens does not require a Swivl to be used (and vice-versa), it is designed to integrate seamlessly with and enhance the experience of using the Swivl Robot.


Each Expand Lens includes a special grip that can be inserted into the Swivl Robot, and which will clip the iPad into place. The Expand Lens grip can be used with either the Generation 2 or C Series Swivl.


To swap out grips on the Swivl Robot:

  • Orient the Swivl so that the infrared receiver is pointed toward you. Use this orientation to identify the right-hand side of the device grip.
  • Using both thumbs, press on the right side of the device grip. The grip will slide to the left.
  • Lift the standard grip up and out of the Swivl.
  • Take the Expand Lens grip and set it into the Swivl, slightly to the left.
  • Slide the grip to the right until its sides are flush with the side of the robot.

Once the Expand Lens grip has been inserted into the Swivl Robot, it will clip onto the included case to steady the iPad when you are recording. To release the iPad, pull back on the clip and lift the iPad up out of the grip.

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