Expand Lens Modes

The Expand Lens can be used in multiple modes, for different purposes:


Stand Mode: This mode allows the iPad to stand upright, and can be used to capture video or chat via conference call.

  • Slide the stand off of the Expand Lens and set it onto the table, with the device slots up.
  • Set the iPad (with the case on) into the device slots so that the iPad screen faces the logo on the stand.
  • Optionally, clip the lens onto the front camera of the iPad to expand its field of view.

Typing Mode: This mode props the iPad up to an angle that makes it easy to use the on-screen keyboard to type.

  • Clip the lens onto the iPad (with the case on) onto the back, so that it engages with the slots in the case.
  • Rest the iPad on the table so that it sits at an angle on the lens.
  • Type away!
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