Robot Settings

The new C Series Robot looks similar to the Gen2 Robot, but can do a whole lot more!
Which robot do you have? The article you see here applies only to the Swivl Gen2 Robot. Click here for the Swivl C Series Robot article.


The Swivl Robot settings can be changed in the Swivl app when the robot (and marker) is powered on and connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. You will notice that when the robot is disconnected or not powered on, you are unable to check the settings or firmware.  (By default, auto tilt is turned off and the checkmark action on the marker is set to slides.)




The Swivl Robot also has firmware must be updated from time to time. This allows for bug fixes and to support new features. For iOS users, updates occur automatically by connecting to the app. If there is an update, you will be propted to initiate the process which can take up to five minutes to complete. The update can also be ignored until a convenient time.


For Android users and non-mobile device users, please refer to the firmware update page.

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