Sharing videos

When you upload a video to your Swivl Library, it starts off completely private by default. If you choose, you can share your video with others using several different sharing methods. Only the owner of a video has the option to share it with someone else, and when using direct sharing methods (via email or with a group), other users cannot re-share the video. From your Swivl Library, scroll down to a video and choose want to share. There are four options to share videos:

  • Share via email: Sharing via email allows you to share videos directly with other Swivl users. Click in the text field and enter email addresses. These can be pasted in from a list or CSV file.
  • Share with Group: Sharing with a group allows you to share videos with groups of users at once. You can share with a pre-existing group or choose to add a group. When adding a group, provide a title, description, and choose save. (You will need to add group members separately)
  • Share Private Link: Sharing with a private link allows you to share videos with anyone using a unique URL. The URL can be pasted into emails, webpage or other location.
  • Embed this project: Embedding a video creates an HTML code to paste into an LMS, webpage, blog, etc. Your video will be directly viewable by anyone with access.

Be sure to click share and your video will either appear publicly or in the My Feed tab for all users with whom you shared it.

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