Sharing videos on Swivl cloud

When you upload a video to your Swivl Library, it starts off completely private by default. If you choose, you can share your video with others using several different sharing methods, but some sharing privileges are only available to our paid subscribers. Only the owner of a video has the option to share it with someone else, and when using direct sharing methods (via email or with a group), other users cannot re-share the video. From your Swivl Library, scroll down to a video and choose want to share.

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There are four options to share videos:

  • Direct Share: Sharing via email allows you to share videos directly with other Swivl users. Click in the text field and enter email addresses. Whomever receives this email will be prompted to sign in or sign up for Swivl cloud in order to view the video. Once they sign in, they can also find your shared videos under “Feed.” You must be Pro user or higher to share via this method but you do not have to be a Pro user to receive videos that are shared with you via this method.
  • Share to a List or Group: Sharing to a List allows you to create a distribution list of Swivl cloud users with whom you can share your videos. You must be a Pro user or higher to share to a List, but the users you add to a List can have any service level, including our Standard service level (free). Alternatively, sharing to Groups is available for Swivl Teams only and allows a team member to share videos with a group of their peers and as long as their peers have Pro access or higher, they can share videos back. You must be Pro user or higher on a Team to share via this method.

    Are you a member of a Swivl Team? Learn more about the differences between Lists and Groups here.
  • Groups on Swivl Team.

  • Embed a project: Embedding a video creates an HTML code to paste into an LMS, webpage, blog, etc. Your video will be directly viewable by anyone with access. You must be a Pro user or higher to share via this method.

  • Share an Unlisted Weblink: Sharing an unlisted weblink allows you to share videos with anyone using a unique URL. Note that whomever has access to this weblink will not be required to sign to Swivl cloud to view this video and therefore it is no longer considered private. We recommend always sharing via the Direct Share method. All Standard users may share via this method only.

  • If you would like to make your video available for someone else to be able to manipulate, edit, and/or further share you can provide them with a “cloned” copy. Learn more about cloning videos here.

    Want to download the full Sharing guide? Check it out here.

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