Importing slides

To get slides into the Swivl app so that you can present and capture them with video, you first need to upload them to Swivl.


Uploading Slides to Swivl:

  • Log into your Swivl account at
  • In the top right corner of the Swivl Library page, click the Add New Project button.
  • Select “Upload slides”. Browse through your documents to select a file to upload. You can upload JPEG, PNG, PPT, KEY or PDF. Once you have selected the file you want, click Open.
  • Click Upload to add the slides to your Library.

Importing Slides to the Swivl app:

  • Open the Swivl app.
  • Log in using your Swivl account credentials.
  • Your newly uploaded slides will automatically sync with your app library.
  • Any slides you have uploaded more than 30 days ago will appear in the Library, but will not be accessible until you tap the sync button to the right of the presentation title.
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