Creating and Managing Team Groups

As the admin of your Team account, you are able to create and manage collaborative groups for your Team members. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account and enter the Admin View.
  • Click on the Groups tab at the top of the page.
  • org-groups  
  • To create a new group, under the Groups heading, click Add new group. Type a name and description. The checkbox at the bottom of the form allows you to automatically add all Team members to the Group, if desired. Click Add to create the Group.
  • Edit Group Info: Once you have added a group, you can edit the name and description by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the group.
  • Edit Group Members: You can edit the membership status within your group by clicking on the lock icon under Actions. You will be able to choose which of your Team members will belong to this new group.
  • Now these members of your Team will be able to share their videos with other members, using these groups.
  • You can see the count of videos on the admin Groups tab. Click on the title of the group to view all of the videos shared in that group.
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