Adding slides to a project

The Swivl video player allows you to include additional media alongside your recorded video. We call this additional media “slides” although they can take a variety of forms. Slides can be added to pre-existing videos within your Swivl Library, or recorded in real-time along with your video through the Swivl app.

To add slides to a video you have already uploaded to your Library, follow these steps:

  • In your Swivl Library, scroll to find the video that you are adding slides to and click on it.
  • Scroll down to select Add Slides. If your video already has slides, first choose Edit, then Manage Project.
  • You can upload slides all at once as a presentation file or PDF, or individually in image formats (.jpeg or .png).
  • Once slides are uploaded, you can sync them with the video by adjusting the timestamp below the slide thumbnail.
  • By choosing Manage Project you will see a menu that allows you to upload, replace, hide or delete slides.
  • Once slides are synced to the video, they will advance automatically. Viewers can navigate through the presentation by clicking on the thumbnails. The video will jump to the point in the video synced with the slide.

Note: The maximum frame size for a slide that can be uploaded to Swivl is 5000p x 5000p. The recommended frame resolution is 720p (1280p x 720p).

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