What is the Swivl App?

The Swivl app suite is the cornerstone of Swivl’s solution. It is a free app available for both iOS and Android devices. Anyone can use the app to capture video and it works with or without the Swivl Robot. The app controls the settings for the Swivl Robot and is part of Swivl’s seamless 3-part solution.  
The Swivl app lets you record video using your mobile device to upload and share on Swivl. Presentations and notes can be synced within the app to create a multimedia experience. The Swivl app is a perfect solution to easily capture and share video.  
The Swivl app is the newest iteration of what was formerly the Swivl Capture App and Swivl Practice. If the app hasn’t updated on your device, it may still appear under one of these two names, but much of the support content here about the Swivl app is still applicable.



The Swivl+ app supports Multi-Camera video recording with Swivl Pro+. Up to 4 mobile devices running the Swivl+ app can join a Multi-Camera session managed by the Swivl app, to record students throughout the class for Individualized Observations. Learn more about Swivl+ here.

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