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Swivl C Series Setup

Want the full guide? Download it here.


The new C Series Robot looks similar to the Gen2 Robot, but can do a whole lot more!
Which robot do you have? The article you see here applies only to the Swivl C Series Robot. Click here for the Swivl Gen 2 Robot article.

Follow these instructions to set up your C Series Swivl Robot with an iOS or Android mobile device:

  • Press and hold the Power button on the Swivl base until LEDs light-up.
  • Use the included Lightning cable to connect the base to your iOS device. If you are using Android, you must use a Swivl Android cable (sold separately).
  • Launch the Swivl app on your mobile device.
  • Remove the Primary Marker from the charging dock in the Swivl base.
  • Press and hold Power button on the side of the marker until the LED lights up. [This will be the primary marker for the system.]
  • stand-mode

Your C Series Swivl is now connected to your mobile device and will respond to track the movement of the Primary Marker. If you want to make sure the robot is fully connected to the mobile device, you can check the setup status in a couple of ways.


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