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Recording a Multi-Camera Video

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Recording a Multi-Camera video requires a device with the Swivl app and 1 to 4 iOS devices with the Swivl+ app. In order to record a session using Multi-Camera, you must either have activated your Swivl Pro+ trial or be subscribing to Swivl Pro+.


Preparing the Multi-Camera session on the Swivl app:

  • Open the Swivl app on the teacher’s device.
  • Sign in to the app using your Swivl account credentials.
  • Tap Capture in the Swivl app interface.
  • Tap the Multi-Camera button at the bottom of the capture screen.
  • The app will display the code that you will input on each other recording device using the Swivl+ app, to join the recording session.

Joining the Session on the Swivl+ app:

  • Open the Swivl+ app on your iOS device.
  • Tap Join Session at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the code displayed in the Swivl app and tap Join.
  • As students join the session from the Swivl+ app, the number of devices connected to the session will appear in at the bottom of the Swivl app capture screen.
  enter-join-pin     capture-screen    

Recording the Multi-Camera Video:

  • Tap the circular record button on the right side of the screen to initiate recording. If you are using a Swivl robot, you can also tap on the red button on the side of the Marker.
  • A countdown will begin on all recording devices. Once recording begins, all devices will capture both audio and video.
  • When you are finished, tap the record button again and a timer will count down to the end of the recording.
  • In order to access your Multi-Camera project, you will need to upload all videos and log into your Swivl account in a browser.

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